Avoid the big mistakes + build your team the right way.

Growing a dream team of loyal creatives is easier than you think when you know the secrets to success.

Learn how to sidestep pitfalls, master key skills & prepare for rapid growth directly from team growth expert Hannah Bjorndal.

"I want to grow my team, but it's so overwhelming. It seems like so much could go wrong . . . "

You’re super curious about what it would look like to build a team or add an associate team member, and for very good reasons! This can lead to increase profit, time off flexibility, and more!

But you also are smart enough to be hesitant to put yourself and your business at risk.

You’ve heard horror stories about fellow creative business owners who hired a new team member or “associate” and the results were disastrous.

You know there must be a better way.

I've got great news for you: There is.

Build your dream team without the stress & burnout

Learn exactly what common mistakes to avoid and how to make intentional steps to grow a loyal team of creatives.

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